Friday, June 04, 2004

The smell of death (barbecue season)

Nice to have a day off - and sleep until I wanna get up. I still love that. If I am a little queasy today it was not last night's drinking, but today's kitchen smells.

Part of the problem with being a vegetarian is staying where the air is clean and sweet. It's not easy. I have often had to settle for restaurant smells in cheap lodgings in (say) Spain. Indeed, I often have to put up with restaurant smells when eating out with people (unavoidable) like the "best restaurant in Paris" that I was taken to last year, which had trouble coming up with anything that didn't have meat in it (and I am not even a vegan, so I think I am pretty flexible). It was a pretty smelly place, to me, though.

And I am not one of those veggies out to convert anybody. I am no more judgemental about meat-eating humans than I am of cats for catching birds. It's how they are. I am a veggie the way a sheep is a veggie, it's not a choice.

Recently my home changed. "Atkin's rules" means the kitchen smells of fish and chicken (as often as not).

The lodger eats mammals, too, so all in all there are a lot of pervasive smells. I try not to care. I remind myself that when I had a dog, or cats, I got used to these smells, and even braced myself to go into a butcher's a couple of times. I'm tougher than I was. It's just the smell I can't get over. I guess other people don't smell death.

Bless'em - it seems to make them happy - so it's my problem.
I just can't help feeling queasy, at the moment.

And when I look at The Meatrix I know I should really give up the cheese, too....

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Toby said...

Weird enough. I watched "Laurel Canyon" tonight, and in the pre-credits they are playing Scrabble, and the first word that goes down is "QUEASY".

No big synchronicity, of course, but it's a funny looking word to come up twice in a day - especially when I felt uneasy even writing down how I felt this morning.

There's a song in there somewhere, huh? queasy/uneasy


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