Thursday, June 03, 2004

Note for Keili

Hi K (I think I finally managed to be the tiresome, uncool dad when I misunderstood Childe Gideon - progress!)

I came across this interview with Richard Bandler, in which he makes it clear he has little to do with the misapplication of NLP, the phoney certification, the misuse of the technologies he invented. It's a good read. However, if you want to spend some one-to-one time with him it'll still cost you $10,000.
Perhaps it is just like the Treasure of the Sierra Madre - and a battle of the alpha magicians, trying to out-influence each other with their magical words, sigils and secret hand signals, to get all the gold.

Amazing, the amount of money sloshing around in the system.

Anyone else, looking in, I do find this stuff interesting, but have always been too poor to train. Or have been unwilling or unable to show my 'committment to change' by finding the money (as if it was just a matter of effort). I have real guru resistance - which they could cure if only I would let them....fnord


PS: If I was going to succeed and influence people I'd prefer to do it the way Douglas Adams did, by writing something really funny....

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