Thursday, June 03, 2004

Lomography - and circus for the children of Iraq

Well, I strolled out for a late lunch, and stopped into Ozone - the organic snack place on Charles Street (highly recommended). On their wall was a montage of photos of Cardiff. What caught my eye was a picture of DevilStick Peat (jugglers know him) - who has been working on circus for kids in Iraq. All power to him - please visit the site, and see if there is anything you can contribute to help them out. Years ago some friends of mine did Jugglers for Peace tours of Nicaragua, and several of these sort of expeditions have emerged from the joyful and generous juggling subculture. It's great to hear it continues. How about a good news station?

On closer examination I realised that this display was from a lomography group in Cardiff. No, I hadn't heard of this before, but as a snap-happy world phenomenon it suits me better than some sort of perfectionist approach to photography.

So, I'll be logging on there, and joining in, maybe. Be Seeing You....

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