Thursday, June 17, 2004

The Real Stuff

I keep on rediscovering the Human Clock in my Favourites, or running it on a spare PC at work (to glance at - it IS a clock, after all).

Although it is a nice piece of group creativity it does remind me that everyone is taking pictures now. I am on cctv on the way to work and in work (but not in this room as far as I know). I am not sure how we are going to filter all this stuff, when every bum scratching his arse (or is that asshole scratching his bum?)is being photo'd on his mate's mobile, and transmitted round the planet. Every tourist taking a picture of the Eiffel Tower is in everyone else's picture. Every lurching group of binge drinking teenagers is texting and sending pictures to every other teenager on the planet as reality tv and chat-up.

Filtering is going to become really important...

And if you think taking the filters off your mind and senses with acid was overwhelming, imagine how much more so it will be when you sense what 6 billion people are doing and seeing and thinking and feeling...(or was that acid, anyway - errr, I can't really remember, it's so long since I had the real thing).

We used to have telepathy, now we have mobile telephones; we used to have natural cycles and synchronicity, now we have clocks, calendars and appointments in personal organisers; we used to have ploughs pulled by horses, that ran on locally available fuel, contributed the by-products back to grow more fuel, were self-healing, reproduced/replaced themselves at no extra cost and were warm and friendly, and when finished with you could eat them or feed them to your dogs. Now we have tractors, running on fuel transported from thousands of miles away, polluting the air, expensive to maintain and replace, and are noisy and compress the earth they are supposed to be ploughing up. Ah, progress!

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