Sunday, June 06, 2004

Honk if you're stupid

Outside the office window is a bedlam of noise - lorry drivers and car drivers complaining about the cost of petrol/diesel. Admittedly a lot of the cost in the UK is tax (but that does pay to fix the roads and bridges) - but the Green's have been telling us to reduce our dependency for many years now (I know, I wrote a paper about it in 1994 - ten years ago, and I certainly was not ahead of the game).

And, of course, the oil producers have us over a barrel (heh) - and the oil millionaires (Bush, Bin Laden, etc) have little motivation to reduce the price - they've cunningly run it up in the first place, with artificial shortages, and other alarums and excursions.

Sorry, guys - get the canal boats going again - change the railways back to freight, instead of yuppies with laptops and mobile phones - get those airships going - complain about something else.

You don't get the junkies running around with froghorns, complaining that heroin went up in price...dilute it, find a substitute, change your habits - do something active.

I moved from London to Cardiff, and got a job where I could walk to work. Regular walking is the poor man's gym; poor man's treadmill with weights is carrying the shopping home; etc.

I think we should give priority to taxis (rented car, always on the move, no parking); professionals (ambulances, circuses, deliveries, etc) and old people, oh, and maybe single parents.

Young fit people should be the last in line for a car - drinkers should be given an either/or option. Yeh, cars turn me into a grumpy old man....

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