Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Happy Bloomsday! 10 Gidouille 132 E.P. St Lucullus - amateur

I do sometimes wonder if I am part of a very small group of people who have actually read Ulysses right through (once). I enjoyed it, although it was a kind of immersion and go with the flow experience.

I read it when living in Paris, as there was very little in English around the atelier we were squatting, and I used it when I was getting too bewildered by the fact that French people do not speak the language that they had spent six years teaching me in school (but then again, Mr Marsh and I never got on - so if you hate your teacher, you hate your subject, and learn nothing).

I have also dabbled in Finnegans Wake, which makes me laugh (as Joyce intended) but I have certainly not read all of that. My only contribution to Joyce scholarship is my suggestion that FW should be published ringbound (as it ends in the middle of the sentence which starts it) so you could literally open it anywhere and start reading...the problem with a linear book being that you tend to open the middle...I offer that up, for what it's worth...

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