Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Amor et Hilaritas

The last post was the 600th to this blog - as if it matters - you can count the next 66 if you care - but it cheered me up.

What more can you ask? I lost my computer reading glasses earlier today, even emailed all my workmates - got fed up and went back to my den at home and took Ken Campbell's advice, (you can either wait for Harvey to have his little joke or) just walk into the den that you have searched from top to bottom and say firmly "Be There!" and there they were.

It would be spooky if I didn't spend half my time trying to remind people of Uri Geller's "little tricks" - trying to convince people about David Blaine's levitation being a simple trick (that Muhammad Ali used to do - check out the reference in The Tao of Muhammad Ali) "floating like a butterfly", Balducci, music-hall, etc, (oh use yer Google) and a lot of belief - and being very impressed with Derren Brown's shows. And still synchronicity works when I least expect it.

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