Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Write Now!

Time and Patience

I would love to have the time to pull my whole website apart and rebuild it, however it grew extremely complex over the years and I just don’t have the time or patience.

Online Writing

Most of my energy goes into blogs, Wikis and online magazines, now – but as I hope to help Julie make a website I have become interested in web page design and building again – and writing for screen.

I tend to overwrite, and need to trim my words brutally, for ‘busy’ people (or short attention span browsers) - make it punchier. Web Writing That Works

Before I tackle Dreamweaver, however, I have started using one of Google Lab’s beta experiments for making simple websites - Page Creator (examples below).

Inevitably, I am copying and pasting a certain amount from the old site…but trying to be ruthless.

The old website

The first shock is just how much stuff the site contains!

Without a site map I challenge anyone to find their way around the place. heh heh

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