Saturday, September 10, 2005

What is he like!

Well we got to Barcelona only to go through two days of storms and pouring when the sun came out yesterday we sat in a square and drank far too many beers...Julie seemed to be outdrinking me, which doesn´t often by the time we got to our evening restaurant I should have maybe stuck to beer, or just had the one glass of wine. Unfortunately, we got chatting to a couple who shared a bottle of wine with me, and I decided to buy one back. After that I created havoc apparently, knocking wine over, etc, and when we left the restaurant I found I hadn´t got my glasses on (I keep switching glasses and sunglasses here, so got used to pairs hanging off shirt pockets etc.)

So, in full Fear and Loathing mode I turned to lunge back into the restaurant, but the glass door had been closed so I walked straight into it, head butted it actually, rather startling the people still inside! When I found the glasses (with a little help) under the table they had been trampled, and seem unrepairable...(sigh)

Will I ever learn? Perhaps just keeping up the NoFit State reputation...speaking of which, I don´t think we will make it to Tarrega tonight to see the show, as it seems too hard to get back from there late at night...and Julie (quite rightly) doesn´t fancy sleeping on the ground. We assume we couldn´t rent a room, and it all got too complicated, so I guess we´ll give up. Hey ho - it was only a fun plan to try for...

I don't go off and do crazy solo adventures so much any more, I feel more committed to doing stuff together...which doesn't mean we don't occasionally do crazy adventures! We just have to agree on them.

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