Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I don't feel alone any more

For all the traumas and expense and angst of the last few weeks (mostly involving computers) I have slowly rebuilt my life (OK internet access) and at least have a glimmer of hope of recovering the data that I didn't have backed up (on a five year old computer, quite a lot!)

I didn't have internet to research on, so I have swung wildly around, so finding that someone else had similar symptoms, and that even the Expert's Exchange couldn't come to a conclusion about cause or cure, made me feel less alone. You have to join to see the solutions, but you can take my word for it...

Anyway. Autumn arrived. Dylan / Scorcese on the box last night, and more tonight. I enjoyed last night - as much a social history document as flashbacks of just one man's life. Excellent stuff. I pre-ordered the DVD sight unseen because I figured it would have stuff I might want to see again.

Greetings to regular visitors, sorry so little updated on the website this year, but I intend to rectify that. I have gone back to studying and books, and online socialising with an interesting gang over at the Maybe Logic Academy (I could brag that I was one of the first dozen to join). I just wrote them a piece on Time, which
could have done with a proof-read before getting posted, but the combination of computer AND internet problems (different problems, as it happens - the cable modem died at the same time my hard drive died, so I couldn't even use J's Mac or my little old laptop) caught me out, when packing for the trip to Barcelona. You can't do it all.

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