Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I brought some sort of flu thing home from Slovenia, so I was under the cosh from the moment I got back. Yuck. Did a few days work, and then packed to go to Signatopia in Rotherham. They had done so much work setting it up, that it was sad when nobody came. (sigh).

Still, I got to see some old friends again, so I didn't waste my weekend entirely. Came home to find that ntl had gone down. Blamed myself, blamed my router, etc. When I rang their server status line it didn't admit any faults, and when I rang technical support they said they were shut for the Bank Holiday, but why didn't I visit their website (!) [expletive deleted] would if I could!

Generally feeling sorry for myself, and my friend Jules, too. (Hi Jules!)

Back to work today...

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