Thursday, May 13, 2004

The Masters of Wisdom

I have been getting a Theosophy quote of the day email for a bit. I liked this, today:

Like signal-fires of the olden times, which, lighted and
extinguished by turns upon one hill-top after another, conveyed
intelligence along a whole stretch of country, so we see a long line
of "wise" men from the beginning of history down to our own times
communicating the word of wisdom to their direct successors.

- Isis Unveiled, II, 571 HPB

I realise that there is a certain chauvinism in this, but the same thing could be said about women's 'mysteries' being passed down the generations, too. It's just the major religions which seem to have become dominated by men. Is that typical? Not the skills of midwifery and cooking and interpersonal skills, etc. No, men are out there doing useful stuff like speculating about whether the universe is finite or infinite, and whether there is a creator or not. The important things in life. fnord

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