Sunday, May 16, 2004

Ah, sorry, yes - Old hippies only will remember this

I mentioned Murray Roman, without thinking how obscure that reference might be. He was a comic in the 60's. We were easily pleased - a comedy record with great music riffs, stereo sound effects, subversive jokes - it seemed great to me at the time.

More like Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In than Lenny Bruce, and yes, I guess a touch of George Carlin. I tracked down a worn old vinyl album of "You Can't Beat People Up and Have Them Say I Love You", but I can't fully get the stereo sound out yet - it was made to play on Mono or Stereo record needles (!)

Anyway - I thought it was funny, even the 60's bits that sound sexist today...non-PC though they are. Here's a reference if you care, and here's a little quote from that site:

Murray Roman's masterpiece of sick comedy was to title an album "Blind Man's Movie" and issue it with a completely black front and back cover, and a black gatefold.
His albums are more hip than dark, as he tried unsuccessfully to be the Lenny Bruce of the late 60's. But the late Mr. Roman often had a dark, telling line or two. From his first switched-on comedy album (he liked to collage rock music between the bits) there's this little gem: "Hey, why doncha call the police department at three o'clock in the morning and speak to them in German. If they answer in German, you got 'em, babe..."
It was Roman, by the way, not Carlin, who first thought up the idea of a drugged out version of Snow White: "Get high one day and read it. Sleepy would be a downer freak, into Seconals, droppin' up all day. Dopey would be a grass smoker...Sneezy was a coke sniffer. Grumpy was a speed freak. Happy was an acid head: "I love you, I love you." Bashful was a juicer. And Doc was the connection. Dig where that is. And Snow White...was their fantasy!"

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