Thursday, February 21, 2008


Cordylus cataphractus or the armadillo girdled lizard
Ain't that creature/entity beautiful?

The 8 Circuit model
(check out my images from Jan 26th)

I try not to let my sub-personalities leak too much, but it doesn't take a lot of clicks to track them down.

In my Bogus Magus incarnation (intelligence increase, etc) I work on RAW/Leary/Antero Alli material - and found the lizard image while discussing the 8-Circuit Model with Dedroidify - I went to his blog...
In case you haven’t come across this mental model (!) I still recommend it (in my quiet way) as one of the best I have come across for not only understanding myself and others, but for plugging in further insights.

Dedroidify has launched one video, and has plans for another and fuller one, but he also linked to the vids that came from Bob’s meme-orial – with both Bob speaking his own words, and some great images. I’ll share them here, to save you one click, but I recommend exploring Dedroidify’s site for more info on the whole realm we have discussed…or search YouTube for RAW, or just come on over to visit Only Maybe, and use the Label '8 Circuits', to filter the posts.

Circuits 1-4 (terrestrial or 'normal' circuits - heh heh - 9 minutes or so)

Circuits 5-8 (7 minutes or so) the post-terrestrial or 'high' circuits

And then what?

SMI2LE (Space Migration, Intelligence Increase, Life Extension - 4 minutes or so)


CirikloDilo said...


What is that?

Did you take this photo?

Toby said...

Aw, no I take no credit for finding this - I got it from Dedroidify's blog, which I had linked to in the post (but of course, his blog has rolled on0.

You can find his post, the explanation, and further links here
His later post here

If you roll over the pic, you should see the name of the creature from South Africa, and could always Google it...

Toby said...

Whoops, sorry, the 'further links' works, but the word 'here' takes you to my blog profile, and I feel too lazy to delete and repost...

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