Monday, May 31, 2004

C'est la vie (14 Merdre 132 E.P. St Sphincter - profès)

I was on a countdown to Mr Wilson's latest book - with an apparent publishing date of June 1st - but just came across a reference to this not being available until 2005. I hope that's not because Uncle Bob is ill.

Just played through Murray Roman's "A Blind Man's Movie" - but it does sound dated, and doesn't grab me quite as much as "You Can't Beat People Up and Have Them Say I Love You" - but it comes from the days when rude words were bleeped, and is sort of pre-hippie, more like the jazz beats - who thought that being black was the essence of cool - Mailer's "White Negro". Part of the 60s shift was that white boys started scoring their own dope, and playing their own take on the music (so white boy blues got re-exported from the UK to the USA). Hey ho, so it's a period piece, but I was researching the Snow White bit - (see previous posting on 16th May).

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