Wednesday, May 26, 2004

9 Merdre - Vidange

I have been playing my old game of look for my friends in the library. It's the old-fashioned version of putting your name in Google.

When I first started working here I found one of my dad's books in The Stacks; I found my friend Mick on the last page of Coincidences, by Brian Inglis, and in the Encyclopedia of Social Inventions; then I found a picture of me performing in "The Masterpiece:Award-Winning Fishknife" with Bruce McLean and Michael Nyman (don't ask); I found Caroline Noh in the Local Studies dept - when she worked with Moving Being; I know I am in the New Statesman (Covent Garden Hat Fair article) but I have no idea what date; a couple of days ago I found John Trigger on a video.

Of course, show business is like that. If I looked for people I have known or worked with I would find dozens (Jim Henson, David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg etc et name-dropping cetera....) So I restrict this kind of stuff to my personal friends and other minor show biz folks....

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