Sunday, May 30, 2004

13 Merdre 132 E.P. Sainte Lunette - solitaire

A little break from work, now, and time to think.

I am currently brooding about Derren Brown's magic of the mind show - so much more interesting to me than David Blaine veering from card tricks to 'hard man' stunts. Derren's show has caused me to rummage back through my brain and books - looking again at NLP (Frogs Into Princes, etc) - mental magic (book tests, billet reading, etc) - Gellerism - etc.

I found sound samples online, of Joseph Dunninger doing radio mentalism back in the 40s. I decided to buy Ian Rowland's book on Cold Reading, as it is supposed to be state-of-the-art. I came across a bit of Chan Canasta in my video archives....

And if I am talking in jargon, you may have to do a little research of your own, because this is a public place, and a lot of people don't want to know how things are done (fair enough). Also this is almost totally theoretical for me, it's not an act I was planning to do - unless I lose this steady little job of course, and find myself back on the street.....

PS: if you wonder what all this calendar stuff is about read this


pentaphobe said...

have you found anything new or understood something old in your readings?
I'd love to hear more about your research as my local library doesn't carry many books in that realm and things are so tight at the moment that even catching a tram down to a better one is a frivolous expense.
.. also, as you're probably aware, NLP has mutated into a sales tactic (particularly in the us of a), so most of the information available here is not on the same level as I'm interested in.

Toby said...

Nothing immediately amazing - I was more interested in the idea the Chan Canasta was using a riffle force with a book - adapting a card technique - had to go back and watch again.
Well, I am aware of one NLP group doing that thing (I can never remember if it's Bandler or Grinder) - anyway, one of them went that Scientology route (an expensive, knowing hierarchy - an in-crowd of initiates finding yet more money to climb the chain with special seminars) and the other went off to Africa to study drumming - and he's the last guy I saw live, doing a talk in a church in London, and he was OK.
My Theosophy 'thought for the day' was synchronous with this answer this morning:
"Great intellect and too much knowledge are a two-edged weapon in life, and instruments for evil as well as for good. When combined with Selfishness, they will make of the whole of Humanity a footstool for the elevation of him who possesses them, and a means for the attainment of his objects; while, applied to altruistic humanitarian purposes, they may become the means of salvation of many.

- The Secret Doctrine, II, 163"

How about that!

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