Friday, May 28, 2004

11 Merdre St Memnon - vidangeur (cess-pool cleaner)

I have a soft spot for Alfred Jarry - not only was he so far ahead of the game that it is silly (Ubu Roi was published in 1896!) - but he always sounded like a man after my own heart. This is from Barbara Wright's intro in the Gaberbocchus Press edition. "He was a brilliant and original boy, indepependent, curious, eager to live; obstinate, fierce, sarcastic, shy. In 1883 he entered the Lycee at Rennes where he learned with extraordinary ease but would take orders from no-one. He worked when he liked and not otherwise, he was a superb wrecker of classes when he felt inclined; he applied himself to sabotage with wit and intelligence."

I'd bettter go and start on that bottle of absinthe immediately....

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