Friday, March 16, 2007

A Delightful Day!

I had a really enjoyable email this morning, from an old buddy I haven't seen for something like 35 years.

Hi Jaimes!

I won't do the stories here yet, as I haven't even had time to exchange stories with him, but we were friends through 1966 - 1969 or so, before he went to start a new life in the USA.

A year or so later I turned up on his doorstep in California, thinking it would amuse him if I dropped around for coffee. This was possibly funnier in the conception than execution, as he had already put up with me sleeping on his sofa in London...but he sheltered me for the first few months before easing me out into the big wide world to have my own adventures. I have never looked back, and owe him more than I can say.

I never have had that many men friends, or buddies, but he remains one of them in my memories at least - so, even if I may often say cynical things about Friends Reunited, etc (I certainly have little desire to meet old school friends, say) - this put a real spring in my step.

Check out the poetry website he set up and/or inspired. The Alsop Review


The Purple Gooroo said...

Hey Toby/Bogus,

I didn't realise this'un is "yours" - I'll add a link to "Blog Is Not.."

Gonna check your other one as well - "Intelligence Increase"

Talk to ya later..Peace!

Sean/Purple Gooroo

The Purple Gooroo said...

Oh yeah - meant to add - glad you found your old friend.

I don't like those "Friends Reunited" sites either - I figure, if you really want to find someone..Antero Alli's "No Coincidence Centre" will set it up for you ;-)

I usually leave the past in the past - whenever I've tried to reverse that trend, it's almost never worked out.

Bogus Magus said...

ahaha hahaha

yeh well, PG, I don't hide my various identities very deep, but delight in a little confusion.

For someone who spends most of the time teasing ritualists, whether magickal or religious (and both groups hate any link or association I create between them) I still live in a mysterious universe. They so often seem to think a 'sceptic' and 'cynic' must also consider himself a hardline scientific materialist. I don't.

John Lilly's Cosmic Coincidence Control Centre has worked overtime to keep me functioning and connected and happy, when I refuse to plan or predict...or attempt to control my life. My heroes remain crazy fools, zen lunatics, bohemian tramps, court jesters...

I meet and re-meet people in wyrd and wonder-full ways, but very rarely pursue anything or anyone (as a veggie my life metaphor remains "browsing and grazing" rather than hunting).

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