Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Birthday to The Great Man!

W.C.Fields remains one of my heroes. Several of my friends have spent dull times watching him with me, and not 'getting it'. Julie positively dislikes him.

I love the body language, the juggling comedy, the wonderful vocal delivery, etc.

Admittedly, he comes from the 19th Century, and if you don't like the history of comedy, or black and white films, then he may leave you cold (he certainly seems completely out of fashion - try buying anything other than a couple of DVDs).

I got this lovely picture from Doctor Macro’s High Quality Movie Scans. If you follow the link you can see another few high quality prints, and even some film clips. For a tiny glimpse of his wonderful mime, try the clip from Sally of The Sawdust. I don't think D.W.Griffiths (director) quite knew what to do with him... If you want to know more, I recommend "W.C.Fields - Straight Up" - a special made for US television by one of the men behind "Curb Your Enthusiasm" - which you can buy from Whyaduck Productions here. Check out his other productions, too, on the Marx Brothers, Lenny Bruce, his film of Mother Night (Kurt Vonnegut). Robert B. Weide seems like a class act, to me.

Austin, Texas in 1972And a Happy Birthday, too, to the fabulous Nelly Gareau - two weeks older than me, and now back in France, after many years in the USA. She and I travelled around Paris, the USA and Mexico together (for better or worse) in the early 1970s. We seemed like astrological twins (Aquarians), and people often mistook us for brother and sister (it confused them to find out I came from England, and she from France). I heard from her last year, but we may not get to meet up again. I just feel better when I realise that ex-partners can bear no ill-will, in fact can wish each other well - the way it should be, but all too rarely is.


Robert said...

Been a long time since the International Hotel.... glad to run into you again.
Bob Chevalier

Toby said...

heh heh

Hi Bob!

Did you know I still have a photobooth shot of you me and Nelly?

You can find it here

I'll never forget your entrance into our 10x10 room with a giant yellow lobster...Stoned, or what?

Kindle said...

So, I googled the name Nelly Gareau, and this is what I pulled up. Holy ****, your the Toby. I have heard the name mentioned by my mother, Nelly, but never though much else about it. It was really neat to look at those pictures of Nelly pre-children. I would say 'in her wild days' but the lady never really did calm down. lol. Nice to know more about you. By the way, I am Kindle, Nelly's youngest daughter. oh yea, and nice blogs.

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