Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mr Jules - the Last Leopard in Wales

quite why he stuck the fire torches down his trousers I don't know!Great to see my mate Jules (that's Mr. Jules to you, mate!) and have a laugh.
He normally spends rather a lot of time travelling around Europe, so to have him back in Cardiff for a while is a treat.

As his website is down temporarily, I can't point you there. One of his old agencies described him this way:

Mr Jules
Wowing the crowdPresenter, compere, street artist. Mr Jules roams the continent with his own distinctive variety of wit and humour. Slack rope shows, falling over, getting up again, Improvisation and participation. Mr Jules won first prize at the acclaimed Rotterdam Street Theatre festival 1998.
"Quick wit, excellent improvising skills and anything goes attitude... suave, sophisticated." The Catch UK


Your compere for the evening is the inimitable Mr Jules, stupid or just plain dumb in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Desperanto.

As well as performing, he remains a critical link in setting up and running juggling conventions (I went to Ptuj in Slovenia last year, where 3,500 jugglers turned up!

Here's a glimpse of him in 1999 from someone's travel diary online
That's GOT to hurt!
Mr. Jules from Wales juggling three, four and even five clubs on a slackrope. The first four were thrown to him by members of the public. One end of the slackrope was attached to a streetlamp, the other end was held tight by six members of the public. He used a thin yellow sling instead of rope. It was very elastic. It was attached at head-height but hung only 50cm above the ground when Mr. Jules stood on it.

At the end of the show he pretended to fall off and of course the rope ended up between his legs, leading to a nice pantomime.

Because I try to learn the slackrope myself I found his show most inspiring. The mock-accident, with the rope between the legs, happened to me several times during my first practice sessions!

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