Monday, November 27, 2006

By Grabthar's Hammer...

"Take Two! and....ACTION!"
Space Ship in front of the stage
dressed to impress

I went to Germany on the weekend, for a sci-fi convention, the Dark Side Con, being run in a school. I wish my school had been as creative as that! I got collected in a Star Wars/Star Trek vehicle. We saw music and dance shows put on by the kids (which I really enjoyed), and they had done drawings of us all.

Drunk at the bar, with a beautiful barmaid - Gudi - to sympathise (remember, It's Only A Movie!)The truly fabulous Barrie Holland (Barrie Hollywood) kept us amused throughout, and joined me in working on some fan films. One with Volker, set in a bar (ideal for me) in which Barrie played the Landlord serving an alien with too much alcohol, and I got the job of Drunk at the Bar (type-casting!) You can see the clip online, if you go to the Dark Sun website [After clicking on the DarkSun logo you can see "Kleinere Projekte im Downloadbereich" at the top of the right side. There you can find the film to download.]

Another film, set on the Star Trek Barrie Does It His Way, while Markus listens - mesmerizedbridge, reduced Barrie to tears of laughter, as we all acted very unprofessionally when we found we had no idea of the story, and no clear direction, and were going to make a ten minute film in ten minutes, so began to improvise, and make each other laugh. Wicked fun, but in such long days we sometimes get a little hysterical. Who knows how it may cut together!

I met some wonderful people who kept me amused, interested and happy.

I had several wonderful conversations with Satalya, a wise woman, Satalyastory-teller, masseur, and many other lives of which I know nothing (apart from what I can find on her website). Thanks for the Refuge!

KurzzeitheldenI talked quite a bit with Christine Wagner, who has worked on a film project of her own for the last six years, and she showed me a high-production value trailer of Kurzzeithelden [click to see trailer], and told me about the ups and downs and adventures of making your own film with your own money.

Fabia, Philip and Simone - see you later, AlligatorsAmong the graphic artists I found a real friend in Philip Cassirer from the Alligator Farm in Hamburg, and his attractive companions Simone and Fabia (it never hurts your reputation to be seen with beautiful women). I should really introduce them to the Madison Underground Press, who appear in transition from Buddhafart.

I also loved the work of Jörg Schröder. I have always loved books, and particularly hand-crafted books. Jörg Schröder He and his company make hand-made limited editions based on some of the big films (I believe they also make unique copies if you ask them). His company - Crafted Collectibles - make exclusive collector's edition volumes which contain not just words and pictures, but DVDs, etc. He had samples on display for Spider Man, Lord of the Rings, Batman and (of course) Star Wars. Data and Me

Nice times for me as he appreciates my work on The Dark Crystal, which I secretly love, as I had never worked on a film before that and got to see the whole process, from pre-production to production, from Day One to the The Wrap.

After that training and experience, getting the chance to do Jabba didn't scare me too much. Well, not much-ish...
Cousin Itt (or Wookie) improvised
I had a great time!

Thanks everyone! (and especially Mario & Markus)

Bis wieder!

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