Thursday, March 25, 2004

Tidying up my website

I have been wandering around my own website, for the first time in a long time, and I am sorry to find quite a few inconsistencies. In theory - I intended links to outside sites to open in a new window, so you have to close it to return to my site, and for internal links to flow forward (so you could use the Back Button). The only exception to that being when you click on pictures to see them larger, when I think I chose to make them open in a new window, too.

Whatever. I think my logic changed over the last three years, or however long this thing has been growing, and it doesn't seem consistent throughout.

I will try to do a major overhaul at some point, but it is really hard to get motivated...I prefer doing new stuff - adding, rather than tidying up. And I fear that if I start tidying up I will end up having to pull the whole thing down and start again, which is a very daunting prospect. I'd feel the way James Joyce must have felt when he left his only copy of "Ulysses" in a taxi, and had to start all over again from his notes (back in the days of hand-written text and no photocopiers....)

Or is that an apocryphal tale?

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