Saturday, March 20, 2004

Quick message for Keili, and about Keili. First of all "sorry to hear about the back, mate - take good care of yourself"...It would have been nice to spend the Equinox together (but I am not very often together, as you know.....)

I still hear friends of mine mispronounce Keili's name. I guess it's unusual, starts with "K" and he lived in Oz, so when they say 'Kylie' they don't mean any harm, nor are they being stupid, thoughtless or pig-ignorant (whoops!).

I'd like to offer them all a way to get it right...just remember that I agreed to this unusual name because it sounded like Ceilidh (an Irish gathering or party). Of course, most people can't pronounce Gaelic, either, just from looking at I'll try KAY-LEE, that should do it.

For Keili: when looking for an interesting link to the word Ceilidh I immediately found this bulletin board software, made by Lilikoi Software, Inc! Now THAT'S AMAZING... it even has a juggler graphic.... Small World, huh?

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