Friday, March 12, 2004

Woke up to SNOW!

I am still a bit glum. You know you are getting old when you wake up to see snow and go "Oh no! What a nuisance!" instead of running out into it with childish glee.

TweedleGlee and TweedleGlum. What a pair.

I guess glum is related to 'gloom' in those old Saxon words (see Sunday 7th)? And it certainly was gloomy light this morning with the snow on the ground. It wasn't bright and crisp and twinkling, more grey and slushy in the city...

[morning, Freud!] I just typoed that as "I wasn't bright and crisp and twinkling...."

Still, I'll just go home and crank up The Soggy Bottom Boys (from "Oh Brother, Where Are Thou?") singing Man of Constant Sorrow, and sing along - it always cheers me up pretending to do that nasal Southern twang:

For six long years I've been in trouble,
No pleasures here on earth I found.
For in this world I'm bound to ramble,
I have no friends to help me now.
(He has no friends to help him now.)

[While looking for the lyrics I realised I am not alone in this, as I stumbled over this Karaoke site for country music!]

AHAH! checked out in the Oxford Dictionary and 'glum' and 'gloom' ARE linked, but what I found that really made me laugh was this:

glummish - somewhat gloomy. hahahahahahahahaha So I am only glumm-ish...

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