Wednesday, March 03, 2004

J has just discovered the problem with being an 'early adopter' - you are the guinea pig, and will spend most of your time in chat rooms slagging off the manufacturers for not providing drivers, and looking for a hack.

I did try to explain that computers are different from many other capitalist products in that they are continuously evolving, so that a stable product doesn't ever exist. Better to buy a slightly behind the times system which has had time to settle in, AND check all compatibilities before buying (not just what some young salesman on commission says is OK). If you buy several brand new state-of-the-art items there is an excellent chance you can't plug them together and get them to work.

I'll bet that both these printers will work with my home XP system - (although a couple of years ago I was going through the same compatibility problem with my then 'new' XP system....)

I bite my lip, and haven't said 'I told you so' once - so here it is, leaked out on the net! sigh

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