Saturday, March 06, 2004

The DVD was better when I found out how to brighten the image on my PowerDVD.

I enjoyed Larry Charles' commentary, brings out the stuff I know is happening, and assures me I am not making it up (they did it on purpose) - the language is stylized, theatrical, biblical, shakespearean, etc.

Reminded me of that thing about Psalm 46 - count 46 words in (in the king James Version) and you'll find the word "shake" and 46 words back from the end is the word "spear" so did Shakespeare work on the King James Bible or not? After all, most of the magnificent language we still enjoy is from 17th Century England, not biblical times.

Hey, and I know that 46 'is' 2x23 OK? How many chromosomes do you think you get from each parent? I didn't make this stuff up. fnord

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