Friday, March 05, 2004

DAY OFF slept through - enjoying drifting in and out of dreamless sleep, and then some dreams, too....

Got up late. Had a good time with the people of the household, now skimming through my DVD of Masked and Anonymous. I know the reviews of it, as a movie, are as bad as any Bob movie reviews. Looked at as a DVD, however, with outtakes, scenes you'd like to see again, etc - it is quite fun. I don't care if the linear movie is great or crap, really - it's trying to work on another level - re-packaging. As a vision of the world it resonates for me.

If you do happen across it, I truly enjoyed the little girl singing "Times they are a-changing" in Chapter 20. Val Kilmer with the animals in chapter 13 is interesting. "I'll Remember You" is a great piece in chapter 18. Wanna see Jeff Bridges? He's all over the place, try chapter 25. "Cold Irons Bound" in chapter 26 is a pretty good take. etc.

Well, we all have our own obsessions - I may not be a Bobcat (I just ordered a life of Marcel Duchamp online, and only after that discovered we have a copy in the library -Doh!) but I still enjoy a bit of multimedia from an artist I enjoy... Why not?

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