Tuesday, March 16, 2004

As I always thought of this as my own notebook - that I can write in from anywhere, and pick up from anywhere else - I haven't considered the fact that there is a sort of 'audience' out there. If I start writing it with someone in mind then I will freeze up. The whole point seemed to me to be to have a place to jot everything down, and I have no desire for a 'what I had for breakfast' kind of diary.

Still, I have decided that this is lacking entertainment value. I am going to carry a floppy disk around again, for my own research stuff (which, as you can tell, was notes towards the money piece I never completed for the ecology centre - something like Henry Miller's 'Money, and how it gets that way' covering alternative currencies, my extremely limited grasp of financial tools from gambling odds to insurance schemes, from pyramid selling to pension plans, with sidetracks into wealth distribution, real wealth and illth, etc.)

It's all got too personal now, so I am pulling the notes down until I can compile them. There's a quote from Henry here

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