Monday, March 01, 2004

Although I heard from K this weekend, he is on the road and out of touch. I don't think I can change my decision about not going to San Diego. I thought about it a lot, and of course it would be fun to go, see Dave B, hang out at the Lucas booth, etc, but it just doesn't add up. It's too large an investment (at my scale) to go so far, deal with jet-lag, not really have a holiday, work my little socks off being jolly and friendly and WITH LUCK just about break-even.....of course, maybe I'd make some money, who can tell?

That is not the issue with money for me - it's to do with how much I have to lay out compared to what I stand to gain, and this is like betting on a odds-on favourite - everyone AGREES that you'll probably make money - but it will only be a small percentage on top of what you have to stake at your own risk.

I might gamble real money I had in my pocket - like my visit to Hawaii a couple of years back - it seemed extravagant, and my plans didn't all work out, but when I got back I didn't OWE anything as I had paid cash up front. THAT I could live with....

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