Saturday, January 24, 2004

It gets tiring hauling your bones to the market place some days.

Winter in the Northern hemisphere - and the hormones and pheromones don't work to enliven me - hibernation seems such a good option - or am I just approaching 60 ? (Well yes, I'll have been round the sun 58 times in February - that's a lot of cosmological ground to cover).

Didn't go to a 'family' do last night, as a faretheewell to Rhiannon (off to India for 4 months) - just because I was working today, and would rather put up with the 'party-pooper' label than drag myself to work on a Saturday, with everyone else pottering around the shops (and YES I KNOW I get the Wednesday off instead - but I didn't do the 9-5 for 35 years, so I am still not in training for this kind of schedule, even after I have been doing it for 6 years now...)

And will the 7 year cycle bring something new again (as it so often has) ?

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