Monday, February 14, 2011

Easy Come, Easy Go

A parable from the Sufi as retold by Robert Anton Wilson

A man who had studied much in the schools of wisdom
finally died in the fullness of time and found himself
at the Gates of Eternity.

An angel of light approached him and said, "Go no further,
O mortal, until you have proven to me your worthiness
to enter into Paradise!"

But the man answered, "Just a minute now. First of all, can
you prove to me this is a real Heaven, and not just
the wild fantasy of my disordered mind undergoing death?"

Before the angel could reply, a voice from inside the gates
"Let him in - he's one of us!"


Anonymous said...

I love these stories! Thanks for letting me enjoy a glimpse of your world through your eyes! See you around!

rhb said...

Love your blog and your posts...very interesting.Please visit my blog and do leave a comment. I really appreciate if you can follow me,thanks. Have a nice day :)

Adam said...

very interesting post! Kind of funny stuff heh

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