Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Pen Names

Although (and of course) a lot of the fun of the Internet arises from using avatars and sock puppets and other simulations, masks and disguises...I have begun to map the various places 'I' have set up camp.

It may turn out that I don't want people to make all the connections (different hats for different sub-personalities), so the final hyper-linked map may remain just for my own use, but to give you an idea, here is the board with Post-It Notes that I am using to begin to trace all the places I use. Every now and then I get an "Aha!" moment and have to add another whole thread...

Without this, some blogs just become empty vessels, messages in bottles drifting helplessly on the cybertides; websites become boringly out-of-date and redundant, etc.


Steve said...

The internet may help us all discover that we really are just a collection of sub routines, that has the illusion of being a self

Toby said...

Thanks, Steve, you nailed my vaguely expressed perception in one.

I enjoyed The Eye in the Triangle because it clarified that Crowley's various initiatory names were not arbitrary, but actually dressed differently, acted differently, and had different powers, etc.

And that's not including the purely theatrical and silly disguises he liked to adopt, as well.

I don't belong in the acting group (people enjoying playing other people) as I carried out my showbiz career (in variety) under my given name - so it simply represented a heightened version of my 'self'.

It seems like a funny old world to me...

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