Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's going on?

For anyone who wondered why this blog went quiet, things have been quite hectic.

Julie has been putting the finishing touches to her latest magnificent project, the cottage in the country.

She has totally transformed it, inside and out, lavishing time money and her artistic eye on every detail. Even renamed it 'Ty Cariad' (something like 'beloved house' in Welsh). I have started a website for Ty Cariad, still in progress.unfinished porchI have never been a DIY person, but even I went up last week, painted the exterior in what I insisted was some kind of yellow, which Julie assures me looks golden in some lights and green in others. It turns out she had chosen 'Churlish Green' just to suit my temperament. :-) Well, maybe. I also varnished the magnificent new porch, made a compost heap, and helped remove an unsightly old tv aerial.

Dandy sits around looking beautiful and decorative, sighing and yawning occasionally at all this human activity that does not involve walking in the beautiful surroundings often enough for his liking. At the end of my day I usually found time for a strenuous trek - or Julie and I would drive to the Nature Reserve for a gentle amble.

And so on. More soon.

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