Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wandering into the autumn

Just about caught up on my sleep now. The Norway trip, followed by a working week, really knocked me out. Oh, and the late nights with 'probably the worst hangover in the world' (with apologies to Carlsberg), etc.

Of course, the sun has come out now that I have returned to my windowless office...

Anyway - I don't suppose anyone is actually reading the damned book, but at least I managed to complete the process. The hard copy of our online magazine does appear to finally be on its way to distribution - which is fun - especially as we seem to have let the online version lapse now. I still haven't decided whether it would prove reckless to try to write another 50,000 words in November (and if so, whether to do a bit of pre-planning this time!)


The collapse of capitalism really does seem imminent now, after 40 years of hippie anarchist warnings. I don't say that with glee (because finding myself proved right does not help with the inevitable distress to many folks) - just with a resigned shrug.


I have returned to online study with Sheffield College - their Net-Trainers course (a new course starting soon, if it interests you). I have found it interesting, time-consuming, rewarding and sometimes fun, too. Whether it would ever generate freelance work I have no idea, but I hope to combine Council work on staff training (using Learning Pool modules and a Moodle delivery system) with these general studies - as they seem eminently compatible.


In spite of staying in touch with my Maybe buddies I feel far less involved with the Academy (don't have time or money to take Erik Wagner's course, for instance, though I would love to).

I keep having a look backstage at Joomla, to see if I can contribute to the online magazine a new way - but deadlines loom, and I don't think I will make it for the Equinox - which seems like a shame because I had put the material together - just can't handle the new delivery system.

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