Friday, July 11, 2008

Here comes that rain again...

Diary wise - I have retreated to the country with Julie and Dandy for about ten days. After that I zip over to Paris to meet up with the Maybe crew for the annual get-together...where we can discuss the hard copy of the online magazine we have produced for three years...and how best to distribute it around the planet.

I doubt we will have a copy in our hands by then, but it's just possible, I suppose.

And then, having used most of my leave up for the year already, it will be the long slog through the winter. I will 
  • continue with my studies (to become an e-trainer, or possibly to get into devising online courses), 
  • begin to prepare to move the whole Central Library to its new premises
  • maybe write another book in November (NaNoWriMo) because I enjoyed it last year, however hard it is to produce 1500 words per day (well 1667 actually)
  • carry on maintaining the Circus Arts Forum, in spite of my reduced connection with performing (or even getting to see) new circus
  • follow (as a member of the Board of Trustees) the development of a building for NoFit State Circus to use as a base - see the Four Elms blog, here
and so on, and etc.


CirikloDilo said...

Welcome back - we've traded weather it seems.

Couldn't sleep last night, results were released today at 8am (it's now 8:34, but the system's slow - no doubt due to every student trying to log in simultaneously)

Level of anticippppation was higher than usual due to being taken out of the game for over two weeks with the flu (IQ dropped to around 70, I would say. Amazing what 10 points can do) right at the end of semester. (Evidently Universe has not forgotten the first rule of comedy)

Anyway - all of the sensible people on this side of the planet are still asleep, but I simply had to share my surprise and elation at getting straight High Distinctions!

Hugs from afar

CirikloDilo said...


If you can get away - Circus Oz should be in Edinburgh soon, new crew, new [fantastic] band, brilliant show.

I went twice.

CirikloDilo said...

... anndd I cross the line into the realm of spam...

but had to pre-emptively say:

"..Or.. you could just wait for them to be in Caerdydd in September"

I believe the term "facepalm" is appropriate here.

Toby said...

Hey hey! High Distinctions sound terrific, even to me who never acquired many official qualifications...and 'straight high distinctions' has a wonderful oxymoron embedded in it...

Congratulations! Does this mean you have become a free bird again?

CirikloDilo said...

hehe - I hadn't thought of that :)

alas, no - I'm only half way through the year, and it's looking like there may be honours/masters/PhDs on the horizon - though the timing, placement and selection has yet to be decided

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