Sunday, January 20, 2008


It rains in Wales. It rains a lot. Even with Irish ancestors from the Atlantic Coast (where it rains pretty heavily, I am told) I find it wet around here. Well, OK, the Irish lot moved to England at least a couple of hundred years ago...

Now we are up in the hills, it seems to rain all the time. We have reached day four, and haven't seen the sun, or even a dry period. Sometimes you can see the hill on the other side of the valley, and sometimes you can't (depending on the mist). I still go out (Dandy dog insists on it) so I know that the paths are streams, the streams are rivers, the river is a torrent and all the waterfalls have become quite spectacular!

Fortunately it hasn't been too cold, and the wind hasn't been to bad, so I just wander around feeling a bit forlorn, with hat pulled down over my eyes, and water slowly climbing my trouser leg (in spite of the long coat) purely by osmosis. At least my wonderful boots have kept my feet dry...

It doesn't really look as though it will change much in the next two days, either.

Julie has lots to DIY on the house (plenty of indoor jobs) but I just want to sloth I did the walk thing.Then there's the light the stove thing, and the write a book thing, and the learn a new card trick thing, etc....before it comes around to taking the dog out again before it gets dark (around 4:30 or 5:00).


Crissie said...

Seems quite wonderful to me right now...we just got hit with 2ins of snow (they have much more up north of us) temperatures have been in low single 3 & 4s farenheight over the last couple of weeks,wind chill 6 to
16 below 0, brrrrrrrrrrrr


The Purple Gooroo said...

My wife and I are taking a jaunt to Wales in May--she keeps telling me how rainy the weather gets--but I'm still hoping for a few nice days.

I'll let you know when I'll be there--maybe we can arrange a meet-up.

With all the rain, though, it must be good for the mushrooms ;-) :-)

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