Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Pretty Good Year

It's a Dog's Life

I have enjoyed this year quite a lot. Dandy the dog (although tiring and demanding at times - like having a new baby) has just reached his first birthday, and turned from a cute little fluffy fellow into a small horse. He is great company for both of us.

We weren't going to let him on the furniture, but he talked us into he thinks he owns the place!

A Place in The Hills

Well, actually, at this moment we have two places to live, though whether we can maintain both by sub-letting, etc, remains to be seen. Right now (to quote the Chinese proverb) we have one foot on the boat and one on the shore. We will spend a few days up in the hills now...sitting by the fire, and walking the dog.

Writing On!

I finished the novel like a marathon challenge, and may just treat it as a warm-up exercise for the autobiography, or perhaps go back and work over it. Right now, I have completed a 7,000 word piece to go in our quarterly magazine - for which Bobby is making graphics. I am quite excited about this piece. You can see it on The Solstice, when we publish the magazine.

Family meetups

My family have started linking up through MySpace, which is nice. I don't really play at social networking, any more than I go social drinking, bowling, dancing or anything else. I am more of an introvert, and doggy also has tended to get me home early rather than hanging out. Still, a virtual zone where widely separated family can cross paths seems nice. And I have plenty of online friends.

Online Friends and Colleagues

The Maybe Logic Academy still keeps me busy, and I guess most of my friends come from there right now. The Circus Arts Forum, however, keeps me loosely in touch with that sub-culture, and NoFit State have gone from strength to strength this year. We really seem to be on a roll...

I have almost stopped getting involved with Star Wars events for the moment. I haven't had any offers of adventure abroad (the most fun) and feel over-exposed in South Wales, and the UK generally - plus I need some time off (I get very little) and can't keep using up relaxation time to go off working. apart from wanting to keep the dog happy (!)
Simon, John, Mike, Dave and me making the best of a bad day
I myself end up dog-tired and bone-weary working without a break. I have just finished an online interview with The Bothan Spy, however, which I am pleased with. It will be published tomorrow, I think.

And Julie is also working lots of extra hours right now, so we both feel a little over-extended. Still, we are approaching a tenth anniversary together, so we must be doing something right!

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