Wednesday, August 09, 2006

His Bobness

how come people always thought of Bob as serious, even glum? A day off from work, and at 2:30 I suddenly remember that the timezones mean that Dylan's doing his radio programme on XMRadio - Deep Tracks - on the internet.

3 Day's Free Trial and I dive in for the second half hour...ending with "Dry your Eyes" by The Streets. I don't know if I can subscribe just for one hour per week, but I enjoyed hearing our Bob online as a DJ - with his dreams, schemes and themes - this week 'Eyes' next week 'Dogs'.

After the extraordinary autobiography, Chronicles, shorn of name-dropping or vanity, full of a muso's dreams, reflections, memories, etc. I love seeing and hearing him moving on. Some days I feel real old, so to hear my peer group still growing and changing helps a lot.

Stupidly, I got all frugal last time Bob came through Cardiff a few months ago, and told myself I didn't need a hit. (sigh). Anyway, we have Modern Times to look forward to - I put in my pre-order already. Amazon [click the link above] offer a video clip of a complete performance of "Cold Irons Bound" which may demonstrate to the unconvinced what a tight band he plays with. Fantastic!

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