Monday, March 27, 2006

Hard to Believe

I really don't 'do' puppets, but this rat had a life of his own, and started to flirt with Vanilla
I do find it hard to believe that I visited Japan just a few weeks ago. Then someone sends me a few more pictures, and I remember it must have happened!

I even have a video clip of playing with a rat puppet in a the JAP bar, with a friend doing a voiceover "He used to be Jabba the Hutt, but now he is reduced to operating a rat in a Japanese bar, in exchange for beer..."
extracting all the fun I could, from a situation where I didn't know if I would ever get paid...
We had a little rain, and mostly travelled around on the trains, but the hotel gave out complementary brollies, so I didn't really need my you can see, I have been cultivating my wizard image to go with the silvery hair...
Ah Abbey, I hope life is better now the cherry blossom has arrived!

The fabulous Abbey got us the umbrellas, herded us in and out of trains, etc - and explained most of what was going on...John, as you can see from the train pic, remained bemused...

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