Friday, February 24, 2006

Rise and Fall, Fall and Rise

On my return I found a package from Bobby, which knocked me out. Not only some original artwork from projects we collaborated on*, but issues 1 and 2 of Okey-Dokey.
Even better, for an old performer like me, he gave me a credit in Issue 2 of Okey-Dokey as "Research Magician" which I really feel proud of as a title. Hey, I got a credit in a comic book with something I used to call 'street-cred' although I have no idea what people call that now - and perhaps these comics seem a little to esoteric to really make it in a mass-market.

If Issue 2 goes on sale, you might get it here, at the Madison Underground Press - Okey-Dokey 1 certainly appears in the Store.

*Our work on The Fall into matter through a temptation to manifest and Rise through Initiation and return to the light appears in the Only Maybe blog.

Our piece on The Fall as perceived by Joyce in Finnegans Wake (fall and arise) and manifest in Vico's cyclic view of history appeared in Maybe Quarterly #5, aka Volume 2 Issue #4

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