Thursday, January 19, 2006

A turn up for the book

From The Times, January 12th
If you thought you worked under pressure, you should spare a thought for those poor librarians

I NEED to move to a far less stressful job, doctor, like fighting fires, driving trains or teaching a class of rowdies in a sink school. I just can’t take the pressure any more.
Ah, you must be a librarian. How did you guess, doctor? It’s the boredom, you see; same old books, same old date-stamping, same old fines for late returners, same old shushing of noisy readers. I need to get out more, maybe save a life or two or pass a signal at red.

Delegates at a conference of the British Psychological Society in Glasgow today will hear the results of a research project which suggests that being a librarian induces more stress than working for the emergency services, driving a 125mph express, or teaching a class of ill-behaved children.

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