Saturday, July 30, 2005

Maybe you don't know about this...

I realise that most of my energy drained away from the website, and this blog, into online course work and general forum posts at the Maybe logic Academy.

I don't choose to take time to explain right now, but found this Press Release, which gives a pretty good idea. I hope Lance won't mind if I quote in full, for those who don't click on links.


Innovative online school and cyber community hosts courses by celebrated authors.

Capitola, CA, June 9th, 2005. Located on the shores of the Monterey Bay, the Maybe Logic Academy is running servers at full capacity day and night. Initially inspired by the writings of best-selling local author Robert Anton Wilson, this provocative online school has bridged the celebrity void by ushering cult status authors into the lives of devoted fans. Course subjects include quantum psychology, conspiracy theory, occult magick, history of counterculture, Buddhist philosophy and meditation. With a dedicated audience of over 200 active global members the Academy recently produced a member driven online publication and rapidly expanded its faculty since going online one year ago.

Current MLA faculty includes legendary author and former Playboy editor Robert Anton Wilson, Mondo 2000 magazine founder RU Sirius, world-renowned Dice Life author Luke Rhinehart, Goddess movement pioneer and author Patricia Monaghan, author and cybergnostic Erik Davis, former Buddhist monk and performer Alan Clements, media theorist author/producer Douglas Rushkoff and occult magick icon/author Peter Carroll.

With a surge of popularity in fringe topics via The DaVinci Code and films like National Treasure, the Maybe Logic Academy is educating people directly through contact with experts in the field. Courses feature group teleconference lectures, online discussion forums, audio/video downloads and group chats. The community prides itself on a steadfast adherence to courtesy and intelligent, cutting-edge discourse. The Maybe Logic Academy is blazing a trail in the online education community by providing direct access to some of the world's most innovative minds.

For additional information please see:
All MLA faculty members available for either telephone or email interviews.

New classes throughout the Summer and Fall and enrollment is open to the public.

Deepleaf Productions Inc is a rapidly expanding independent production house dedicated to intelligent content and is responsible for the award-winning feature documentary Maybe Logic - The Lives and Ideas of Robert Anton Wilson.

If you want to know more about the courses (say, Ray, if you wanted to take the Goddess course) you can find links at Only Maybe, our online zine (link also on the right hand side of this blog...) to the Maybe Logic Academy and more...

And I like this recent interview with Bob, covers most of the territory.

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