Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Solstice!

Well, the shortest day in the Northern hemisphere again...

I just took the dog out for a long walk through the hills, with red kites soaring overhead, and robins rustling in the undergrowth...a bright, crisp, cold day.

An interview I did with The Bothan Spy has got published, and it looks pretty good to me...thanks, guys!

I completed a written piece, called "Magical Means" about a meeting between two magicians, for Maybe Quarterly, and that should go up later today (West Coast time).

I'll link to it when it comes online....

Well, from now on, the days get longer! Yippee!


chumly said...

Longer and a bit warmer would be nice.

Crissie said...

wonderfull photo's thank you happy new year

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