Saturday, June 16, 2007

Away with the Fairies

I only wish I had time to play with the magic tricks I have now got, as I did as a kid!Well, I managed to abandon this blog for three months!

I find so many inert blogs that I have always tried to keep mine moving, but recent changes have squeezed this one out.

First of all, I got a job as content manager for an Arts Council Circus Arts Forum, which takes up an hour or so a day. Circus Arts Forum

Yound Dog investigating waterfallThen, Julie went and bought a dog, a Labradoodle called Dandy, who takes up a good hour or two most days

I also find myself on the Board of Trustees for NoFit State Circus, and that doesn’t just mean popping in a couple of times a year, but has involved quite a NoFit Stateflurry of meetings to deal with the rapid changes in the business – caused by success, let me point out!

Finally, I have been trying to wrap up the three years study I have done at the Maybe Logic AcademyMaybe Logic Academy. I also maintain their blog called Only Maybe. Long may it thrive, but I feel I have to take a sabbatical (at least) and possibly even ‘graduate’. I started on July 23rd 2004 (first of the Dog Days) so I hope to meet up with some fellow students this July 23rd (in a little trip to Belgium and Holland), then take a break to write (maybe).

I also have plans to finally meet up with all the Jabba crew at once, at Celebration Europe. Celebration EuropeI’ve met them all one by one, but this could be our only chance for a complete get-together.

Somewhere in here I seem to have neglected this blog (!)

Actually, I also haven’t got down to see my daughter and grand-daughter this year, which I regret, but dogs add to the complications of travel (for non-drivers like me). And the 'boy wonder' continues to wander, but we have loose connections via web interfaces...
The PKD bearded days
I missed Jay’s “Will You Still Need Me” party through sheer shortage of time and sleep. Sorry Jay!
A last rummage in the Stacks, before they move them and sell off the best stuff (sigh)

I have changed from the Philip K Dick beard and short hair of a couple of years ago, to the clean-shaven long-hair of today.Enthusiasm
Penarth Beach
Julie gives the dogs a lift to the beach
And I'd enjoy having enough time to actually pursue my magic hobby - I started a magic blog to put interesting links together, but practicing magic is time-intensive and I don't have any time...quite when I can finish writing a book I don't know!

I think of myself as a lazy person, but I find myself on a treadmill...

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