Monday, December 18, 2006

PS: I regret this

I really tried to play the game this year - I even said I would try to enjoy 'Christmas' this year.
I came home, found Clockwork Orange on the TV - the film I never saw for 30 years of censorship - still haven't watched it all the way through.

I may have drunk too much red (communion?) wine this evening while trying to help my fellow human beings, but I walked home past the boarded-up church in my neighbourhood - presumably boarded-up to prevent the local youths (who mostly annoy me by hanging around on my street corner) from throwing bricks through the stained glass windows (instead of trashing the bus shelters) because the local priest just got busted for years of (allegedly) abusing small children.

No 'bastard child born in a barn turning out as a hero' crib/statues this year - just a shocked set of 'elders' in denial about their hero/priest, I guess - "I can't believe it!" say people who have believed in some benevolent God for some years.

I tried really hard to respect the local calendar, and celebrate their local festival called 'Christmas' (anthropologists and travellers should ideally respect local communities they pass through), but...

Fuck 'em! (sorry) Get yer priorities right.

To the rest of you - Enjoy the Solstice (but I hope that the God that judges that so-called 'priest' as he deserves, may he rot in hell if he did that stuff! )
Actually, I don't believe that - a peculiarly 'Christian' form of curse.

May he live enough lifetimes, and suffer enough weird reincarnations, that he starts to realise that everything he says and does affects other people.
Peace to all amiable and friendly sentient beings...

Sorry, the 'aversion therapy' I don't even remember makes me shocked and appalled.
But even 'they' don't bust priests on a whim...
Getting this drunk on a Sunday night (by mistake) feels like a merely 'venal sin' in comparison.

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