Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Old Timer

I have no pix from the performing period, but they sometimes turn up to amuse and amaze me
After admitting to acting like a hysterical child the other day [see previous post], and getting all in a panic, I felt very amused to receive this old picture of me from the 70s, trying to look cool.

Yeh, as a street performer I could do what I liked (or whatever worked) so I always had lots of hair (often with henna) rather than a wig, and whenever I shaved off my beard I would take it through various moustaches! Actually, I quite like this one (the third eyebrow).

I still have that ludicrous tie a souvenir...I'd forgotten about the collar!

I was delighted also to hear from Nelly, a very old friend and virtual twin, who witnessed the 'birth of the juggler' when we hitched around Mexico for 6 months, back in the early 70s (a few years before this picture).

The World Wide Web continues to surprise me with old friends, old pictures, and other strange spacetime warps. How things have changed in just the last few years.

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Acrillic said...

That tie IS ludicrous

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