Saturday, March 25, 2006

Gasps of Disbelief

last night, getting drunk with a friend, I mentioned the Chris Bliss juggling finale that several people have sent me, saying it reminds them of what I used to do.

He told me about the most scary and offensive juggling act he had seen - David Cain, Juggling for Jesus. Now I started chuckling, thinking what a great deadpan put-on this show must be. Juggling five balls and talking about the great religions of the world, then dropping one and saying "Then Buddha died!" juggling four then dropping another and saying "Then Mohammed died" and continuing with 3 (The Trinity, etc) and saying that Jesus still lives while Buddha and Mohammed are rotting in their graves.

Wow - no, he means it. As scary as the magic trick I bought in 1986 at a US juggling convention, a sponge ball routine to explain how Jesus did the Loaves and Fishes trick (!) At least that was only intended as a teaching tale. This guy actually puts down other religions (he has to have no sense of humour to perform such routines with the surname Cain - sheeit, don't these people even read their own Book?)

You can find him under Scariest Picture of the Day and no, it's not juggling with chainsaws that I find scary but that scrubbed pink clean zealous righteous Christian gleam in his eye...and me with a hangover, too. His site will leave you gasping in disbelief - how about using Barbie and Ken and an apple to illustrate the creation? I guess pornie Barbie and dickless Ken as Adam and Eve makes sense to someone so disconnected from reality...

I mean, the guy has won all kinds of juggling awards, so technically he can do it all, as you can see if you watch his videos (fortunately he doesn't talk, just juggles in front of a cross)...but look at the Books he sells -"Christian Unicycle Routines" - you couldn't make this stuff up...

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