Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Clan greetings

As ever, I seem to neglect my family. Yo was quite right that if we didn't meet up straight away then months would pass (and now they have).

Thanks to Julia and Eleanor for the card (and a happy birthday to El - fellow Aquarian).

K's music seems to have got a delayed release, but March 1st doesn't seem that far away...

I can feel extended family out there, too - Noh's dad and Dorothy both had birthdays around about now...and it's our Tom's tomorrow...

Big hello to everyone I have chatted to online recently, or who sent me emails, Ian Tregonning, Tuula, Hadass and all the gang at the MLA.

Now that must be the most boring post for any other people passing through - but tough! You can always leave me a comment....

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