Saturday, July 31, 2004

Yes.And.So.What. (Posting 666)

My first blog was called Thinking Allowed, and it ended on October 3rd 2001 - I decided I had to start afresh because my response to 9.11 may have appeared 'inappropriate' - and I suddenly realised that this was a WORLDWIDE publishing scheme.

One lunatic who thought I was out-of-order could be enough - if my words (and images of Buddhist Monks calmly burning themselves alive as a comment on the suffering caused by the Vietnam War - PLEASE DON'T FOLLOW THAT LINK IF REALITY UPSETS YOU - GO BACK TO YOUR HORROR MOVIE KICKS (that ain't no Photoshop image) - just words, seemed inappropriate.

I thought, and still think, it is inappropriate to take innocents out with kamikaze tactics (I agree! I agree!) However, I think it is inappropriate to kill innocents in (supposedly) defending their freedom, too. And I gotta defend the right of individuals (the undivided) to sacrifice themselves dramatically to make a strong point.

There was also a 'private' blog - (the spiders of the Web still found the postings, but it wasn't listed with 'current blogs') - called "Spooking The Herd" - that I shared with a close mate of mine, but we let it lapse for now. Who wants to be in the list of 'most recent blog postings' now that you are jostling for position with "Hot Wet Pussy"? I am hardly surprised that Blogs (so easy to set up) now attract this kind of business, but it's not a Top Ten place I want to compete for!

This particular blog is passing the 666th posting (well over 100 thousand words) (as if that matters). You can see that if you check out the Toby's Blog Profile link.

When I was a kid in the UK we used to dial 999 to reach the Emergency Services (on the old dial phones that took a lot of time, but I guess it was intended to avoid mistakes) - now the UK accepts 911 as well (for the tourists in panic mode) - but I always think that appears to be a slightly unfortunate coincidence (unless the terrorists really did have a warped sense of humour - 9.11 (?) fnord)

Anyway - don't shoot me - This particular posting is 666 (+ or - 7) and I'd just like to say that just because "Ronald Wilson Reagan" has a 666 name (count the letters) doesn't mean that he and Maggie ("ain't gonna work on Maggie's Farm no more" - sang Bob in 1965, a little ahead of the time - how spooky 'IS' that?) - were EVIL or nothing.

After all, she may have just chosen that image as a (fairly stupid) attempt to ingratiate herself with my generation, and piggy-back on Bob's fame - I am fairly sure Madonna did - "And Madonna, she still has not showed" (1966)

Blah blah - so anyway - I figured I might start an "unrelated anecdotes" page - because this linear, self-referential autobiography I call a website is just too difficult to complete.

If we are in a bar/pub/room and we are talking, you can trigger off all kinds of stories, from the polished pebbles which roll off the tongue without much change in the phrasing - the kind of repetitious (but polished) stuff that amuses strangers, and bores partners (who have heard the routine many times before) - to ones that I am recalling for the first time since they happened (the ones that interest me most). They don't easily form part of a linear narrative, so as I recall them (now) I will write them down - and they may become polished a little in the writing (to simulate the inspiration of Irish/Spanish bar talk) - but that's it.

They can be part of my "name-drop" page that I always threaten to write and never do. The day David Bowie blagged a fag off me; rolling joints for John Martyn; that sort of stuff.

Over and Out. Transmission Ends.

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